MMCX Connector RCN5 Series

Raltron’s MMCX connector family features straight and right angle solutions for PCB receptacles. The RCN5 Series of MMCX connectors are ideal for connecting to Wi-Fi antennas, for external GPS antennas on small devices like PDAs, GPS receivers, or for mobile phones to connect external GSM antennas.

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MMCX Straight Jack Edge Mount Receptacle
MMCX Straight Jack PCB Receptacle
MMCX Straight Jack SMT-PCB Receptacle
MMCX Right Angle Jack PCB Receptacle
MMCX Right Angle Jack SMT Receptacle
MMCX Right Ange Jack Crimp for RG178-196U Cable
MMCX Right Angle Plug Crimp for RG316-188-174U Cable
MMCX Straight Plug Crimp for RG174-188-316U Cable