Rainy Day

Rains are always welcome in summers. Everyone eagerly looks forward to the arrival of monsoons. They bring cheer into our lives.

It was the month of July. It was very hot during the day time. Hot winds were blowing all the time. People were in a bad way. They were tired of heat and dust. Everyone was praying for the rains to come. Suddenly clouds begin to appear in the sky, and once morning people woke up to a totally overcast sky. There was a sudden drop in the temperature. Soon it was drizzling. It began to rain steadily soon after. Within a few minutes it begun to rain heavily. There was beautiful smell of the earth in the air. People were mad with joy. They were dancing in the rain. They were all getting wet. At times there was lightening and thunder.

Rain water was filling the streets and the drains. They soon began to overflow. Roads were looking like small canals. Children and elders were moving about in the rain and getting wet. They were walking in knee deep water. Vehicles cycles and scooters were splashing water on the pedestrians.

Children were having fun in the rain. They were splashing water on one another some were making paper boats others were chasing pieces of straw and paper that were flowing in the gutter.

The rain stopped on the afternoon. The weather became cold and pleasant. The nature looked fresh. Tanks and ponds were filled with water. Trees looked green and fresh. Frogs croaked in the ponds. People were standing outside enjoying the cool breeze. Rain had brought a welcome relief from the hot summer days.

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