Industry’s First Complete Passive Components Development Kit for LoRa Applications

Simplifies IoT Design Projects

LoRa is a very popular standard for IoT, Smart City, Smart  Home and many more applications. Several semiconductor manufacturers have ICs embedding the LoRa protocol in their offerings. The popular LoRa ICs include SEMTECH SX1261/1262, SX1272/1273, and SX1276/1277, and the products from MICROCHIP and STMicro.
As one of the most recognized and experienced manufacturers of frequency management components in the world, Raltron has carefully developed high performance passive components suitable for LoRa products, all available in one development kit.

The Raltron LoRa Development Kit includes the following items:

Crystal                             TCXO                          32.000 MHz 15 pcs          32.000 MHz 5pcs               (3 different sizes)           52.000 MHz 5pcs             SAW Filter                      Ceramic Filter                  433 MHz 5pcs                  868 MHz 5pcs                  868 MHz 5pcs                  915 MHz 5pcs                 915 MHz 5pcs                                                            Stub Antenna                                                           433 MHz 2pcs                                                               868 MHz 4pcs                                                           915 MHz 4pcs

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