ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS                      THE PRAGMATIC GUIDE                                    by Lev Shapiro
This is the ultimate handbook for the electronic engineer, technical project manager, and financial project manager, on how to build an electronic circuit that is both technically robust and commercially optimized. The book does not focus on electronics theory. The central point is on hands on realization of a circuit….after the computer simulation said that it should work.  The author, Lev Shapiro is one of the foremost industry experts in electronic components




This book is helpful for both technical and non technical personnel in the electronic industry.



Who Will Benefits From This Book:

  • R & D and electronic engineers

  • Component engineers

  • QA engineers

  • Purchasing personnel and managers

  • Management at all levels

  • Project managers

  • Electrical engineering students


Table of Contents

  • General information on electronic components

  • Information on particular types of components

  • Protection of electronic circuits and products

  • Modern requirements for the development of electronic products

  • Information on the market of electronic components

  • International Standards for Automotive Electronics

  • Other background information



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